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After completing a Bachelor Degree, a Post Graduate Degree in Aboriginal studies and Criminal Law, I enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Criminology. Soon after completing this Master’s, I applied to commence my PhD in applied criminology. In 2004 I successfully completed all its requirements and I was awarded the title of Doctor. In July 2005 this doctoral thesis (Restorative Justice in Cairns and Cape York: Community Based Justice in Urban and Remote Communities) was given front page coverage by the Cairns Post.

In addition to the PhD, Masters and BA, I also hold a Diploma in Abnormal Psychology, a Diploma in Professional Counselling, as well as Language Diploma’s and certificates. I am a qualified TESOL teacher and a (Queensland ) Justice of the Peace (Qual).  In December 2012 I received a High Distinction in Offender Profiling at Monash University. In that same year I submitted a Profile on a ‘cold case’ which is currently being re-investigated.

I have been employed in the justice fields since 1996. I have vast experience working with indigenous people in a variety of settings including youth justice, prison, Cape York, Cairns Institute's research, child protection in remote Arnhem Land.

I have held leadership roles and provided student mentoring and counselling  during the course of my career in justice. As a researcher in criminology (Cairns Institute) I covered subjects including youth justice, taser guns, indigenous crime, youth gangs, substance abuse, human rights, child protection and restorative justice. 

Positions I have held include Advanced Practitioner with the Northern Territory Families and Children in Darwin. In this job I flew weekly in tiny aircrafts to remote indigenous communities in Western Arnhem Land, where I investigated child protection issues. Until late 2017 I also was employed in various positions with Australia’s off-shore detention centres on both Nauru and on Manus Island, PNG.

As mentioned, a part of my PhD was published by the Cairns Post in July 2005. Further publications include ‘Youth Justice Matters in Aurukun 2003-2004’. Commissioned by a government Department in 2005, this Report was also published in numerous newspapers at various times during 2005 and 2006. The Aurukun Report, an analysis of youth justice matters in Aurukun, reflected on a dysfunction of juvenile justice and child protection services in Far North Queensland.

A synopsis of the thesis can be viewed here

Currently I am working on submissions based on the thesis to the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology and to the Indigenous Law Bulletin.

For more information on this theses contact the author via email on Yolie@dryolieswinkelscriminologist.com

-This PhD is the intellectual property of Dr Y Swinkels. For further details contact RMIT, Melbourne, Victoria.-



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